HYPONEX MagAmp K Fertilisers - 200g


HYPONEX MagAmp K Fertilisers from Japan, recommended and trusted globally .

Low N value fertilizer(Great for growers whom need low N)
Size: medium (around 3mm)
Slow release fertilizer for all plants, flowers, vegetable! Great for root growth and supporting plant health. Only a small amount is required

Directions for use:
1. Mix directly into your potting mix before planting, or sprinkle on top of the soil mix of potted plant.
2. Recommended dose of 2-8g per 1L potting mix.
3. For succulents/ smaller plants, use half a teaspoon per 8cm pot.
4. Fertilizer will slowly dissolve as you water your plant.
5. One application can last 4-6 months with daily watering