GEX Pure Crystal Ion Filter CAT - 2 pieces/pack (GX927163)

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GEX Pure Crystal Ion Filter CAT - 2 pieces/pack (GX927163)

Filter for exclusive use of the circulation-type waterer for pets. Perfectly designed for all GEX Pure Crystal Cat models.

Designed for health maintenance of your pet's the lower urinary tract, as it removes magnesium and calcium from tap water. It also removes dirt and other non essential water particles. Contains active carbon that adsorbs bleaching components of that water, making it superbly non-chlorine smell!

Made from polypropylene, active carbon, ion-exchange resin, polyethylene

2 pieces per pack
Product size (about) W155 X D155 X H 15mm

Usage Guidelines:
Wash the filter in a running water without using soap.
After water circulation starts, magnesium and calcium is removed in approximately 60 minutes.
Whendirts, such as food debris, hair, etc are visible at approximately one month, please change the filter for exchange. Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature.