GEX Pure Crystal Copan for Cat - Beige 0.95L (GX926388)


GEX Pure Crystal Copan for Cat - Beige 0.95L (GX926388)

Two forms to drink, flow and collect + stable architecture for a method that does not disperse. Drinking water with running water has risen by 20 percent! Simple to wipe! Easy system! Funnel designed especially for Cats to scoop tongue water. In the filter, food waste, hair and dust would be trapped. Spillage Stops. 'Water Dish' Traditional Style. Pets can drink from either flowing water or pooled water.


  • 20% increase in drinking water with flowing water!
  • Easy to clean! Simple structure!
  • Funnel specially designed for Cats to scoop water with tongue.
  • Prevents Spillage.

Dimensions: Width 20.7 x depth 22.5 x height 13.5 cm