EHEIM Prefilter for canister and powerhead(EM4004320)

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EHEIM Prefilter 4004320
This extra prefilter traps the majority of coarse dirt particles, even before the water reaches the external filter. Its base rests securely on the bottom of the aquarium. The water is drawn in all round, over a wide surface area, through the modular filter baskets which can be filled with filter media and easily cleaned and replaced. For cleaning, you simply remove the filter baskets. Traps coarse dirt particles in the filter baskets avoiding premature clogging of the external filter media This means the biological decomposition process in the external filter is significantly lengthened and service intervals are longer Water is drawn in through the gravel base via the detachable (Easy Klick) filter baskets which are easily cleaned All round suction for a gentler filtration Consists of 2 filter baskets with filter cartridges Fixing with telescopic pipe in place of the intake pipe Extendable if required; fits InstallationsSET 1 For all EHEIM external filters (apart from professionel 3e and classic 1500XL)

Article No. 4004320

UPC (-)

Packing 3 Part (s)

Packing dimensions(Width) 7.90 cm

Packing dimensions(Height) 21.00 cm

Packing dimensions(Depth) 7.90 cm

Freshwater yes

Sea water yes