DAYANG 503 Bird Cage White (60x29x41cm) - w/ Divider Panel

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DAYANG 503 Bird Cage (60x29x41cm) - w/ Divider Panel - White Only

Dimensions (cm), 

  • Cage w/ Tray:     60  (L)    x    33 (Depth)   x   41 (H)            
  • Main Gate:         12  (L)    x    11 (H)


  • 2x Adjustable & removable perching sticks
  • 4x removable/washable bowls w/ perch
  • Removable waste tray
  • Dividing panel can be removed for a larger cage space.
  • Suitable for smaller birds. can be widen for birds requiring a long flight path such as young Finches.
  • Perfect for children to house their pets.
  • Light and sturdy

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