CR-8800 Triple Forced Suction and Filter

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This product is able to absorb the aquarium foul to its unique design isolated cabin to avoid water pollution. The unique design of the aeration plate, be able to play even the oxygen and the upper portion of the fan drive beautiful turn up. Intermediate isolation can play a role in blocking stolen goods, fish tank water quality by avoiding second pollution. In isolation, the placement of experts to develop a specially treated ceramic ring, can quickly put the fish tank water quality for fish to calm down and not harmful to health.

Product Features:
1.Unique geometric art of acrylic modeling for aquarium add charm and lively. Visual transparent appearance, can be a clear understanding of the work of the filter, remind you to clean and maintain the filter.
2.Significant effect, quickly aquarium fish feces and a large booty among the suction container. Strengthening physical filtering effect.
3.The humanized anti-cover design, can prevent the absorption of too much booty, overflow from the container mouth. Large volume, can save cleaning aquarium fish faeces time.
4.The built-in replaceable filter tank potent biological activity of special beads, strengthen physical filter effects while providing space for the attachment of nitrifying bacteria, which enhance biological filtration. The ability to enhance the stability of the aquarium water quality radically.