CLASSICA ECO 60 Aquarium Tank Set (60x30x35cm)

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ECO 60 AQUARIUM TANK60 x 30 x 35cm63 Litre


  • 12W (24 x 0.5W) White Energy Saving LED520 L/H True Functional Design / 
  • Simplicity is more. 
  • Internal Filtration (Biological & Mechanical) 
  • Full LED Illumination 
  • Removable cover for easy maintenance 
  • Energy Saving * ECO45 / 60 is a sleek aquarium tank that combines function with aesthetics. 


  1. Energy Saving Lower electricity consumption results in greater saving for you over time. 
  2. Removable Cover with Feeding Flap We’ve designed a cover that is durable and strong, yet still easy to lift when maintaining your tank. A full length ap is included for ease of feeding and access. 
  3. LED Lighting System The energy-saving LED lighting system incorporated under the sturdy tank lid provides good light penetration and creates beautiful, stunning ripple e ects.
  4. Quality Glass Workmanship Good glass and silicon workmanship ensures tank remain leak proof for many years of sh-keeping pleasure. 
  5. Internal Filtration The compact Internal Filter o ers e cient biological and mechanical ltration to keep your aquarium water clean and clear.