CARIBSEA Super Naturals - Tahitian Moon Black Sand - 20lbs (9kg)

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Fantastic looking substrate that has no coatings or dyes to wear off or change the water chemistry.

Tahitian Moon is brilliant for tropical or freshwater applications and really shows off fish colours to their best against the shimmering black substrate.

It also enhances the green of plants highlighting their form in the aquarium. This is without a doubt the most popular colour for its striking and universal appeal.

Dramatic black sand rivers and beaches grace the flanks of verdant tropical islands capped by smouldering volcanoes. These exotic locales provide the backdrop for some of the world’s most spectacular aquatic life.

CaribSea’s Super Naturals line is specially selected and crafted to match these exotic environments.

When you demand authenticity don’t just decorate… ecoscape with Super Naturals by CaribSea

Now get the benefits of rapid break-in that were only available to marine aquarists until now!

Confidence in a bag. Instant Aquarium takes the guess work out of starting a new tank.

The Instant Aquarium line offers a variety of finer grade natural gravels and sands water packed with living, water-purifying bacteria, state of the art clarifier, and a complete water conditioner.

Tap water is all you need to get started. Instant Aquarium immediately begins the cycling process, eliminating new tank syndrome, and discouraging nuisance algaes.

Instant Aquarium detoxifies metals, eliminates ammonia, neutralizes chlorine and chloramines, and provides a protective slime coat for stressed fish. Instant Aquarium also reduces nitrates and nitrites.

Ideal for most freshwater aquaria fish species including discus, tetra, angelfish, turtles, rays, plants and more. Starting a new aquarium has never been easier.

  • Beautiful and functional substrate for freshwater aquariums
  • Sand and gravel packed with water containing beneficial bacteria
  • "Live" substrate conditions and cycles newly setup aquariums

  • Benefits:

  • Proven to reduce nitrates better than regular aquarium gravel.
  • pH Neutral
  • Perfect for tropical aquariums
  • No coatings or dyes and won't change water chemistry
  • Create a natural underwater environment

  • Please Note:

    The substrate should be carefully placed on the bottom of the aquarium, and your preconditioned water should be added carefully.

    Cloudiness will be greatly reduced if a plate or empty bag is used to stop the water being added from disturbing the substrate underneath.

    Use the included BioMagnet packet to help clarify the water.