AQUARIO Neo Flexible Pipe

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Deformable to the desired shape


Since Neo Flexible Pipe is a DIY product that is used to create a desired shape by applying heat, it can be freely deformed into any shape regardless of glass thickness or gas.


Clean up messy hoses

Common hoses harms the beauty of the tank because it is not in close contact with the glass and is located in disorder.

However, Neo Unit Flexible Pipe is very neat because it can be installed in close contact with glass

Strong durability

Common hoses are not transparent and becomes cloudy over time.

However, since Neo Unit Flexible Pipe is made of PC, it is very transparent even after time.

Also, as long as no force is applied, it is a highly elastic PC material, so it does not break easily over time.


How to bend

1. Insert rubber cord into the pipe

2. Heat by turning the pipe to the width of 1 ~ 2cm of the bending point

3. Bend the pipe as you like against the top of tank

4. Remove the rubber after 20 seconds setting



How to Cut




Be careful of fire or burns during bending

Heating the fire to only one point can cause incomplete results

Once bended or heated, there is no return or compensation.

If the pipe is deformed once, it may be damaged by applying force or reheating.