AQUA ZONIC Spartan DC Water Pump

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Key Features :
Aquazonic® Spartan DC Variable Frequency Pump is a compactly designed water pump engineered to pack a punch. Its proprietary DC Inverter-Tech Core delivers strong water-flow and yet uses only a fraction of the power consumption required by conventional pumps to provide energy saving. DC Inverter-Tech Core. Reduce your utility bill without sacrificing performance.

Spartan’s unique DC motor design allows it to deliver the same water flow as conventional pumps while using lesser energy consumption.


Compact Size.
The Spartan’s compact body allows users to maximize their available space.


Advanced User Controls.
Convenience at your fingertips.
1) Previous Setting Memory Function. In the event of power failure, Spartan is capable of remembering the last settings.
2) Variable 10 Speed Control. Users get to choose their prefered flowrate from level 1 (10%) to 10 (100%).
3) 10mins Feed Mode. When feed mode is activated, SPARTAN DC will be turned off and restarted automatically after 10mins. Alternatively, press the ‘power’ button to cancel feed mode and resume normal operation.


Adjustable Flow Rate.
Provides flexibility to users who desire different flow rates for different applications. E.g. higher flow rate during the day to promote good water movement, and a lower flow rate in the night for the fishes to rest.


Intelligent Motor-Overheat Protection.
Prevents the pump from overheating due to pump running without water, stalling of impeller and surge of electrical current.


Easy Maintenance.
Spartan can be easily assembled and disassembled for cleaning and maintenance. 

Applications :
Freshwater or marine aquarium, ponds, filtration systems, water circulation, aeration or applications that require constant and strong water flow. * Important: Install the appliance below or in-line with your aquarium/pond’s water level.

  1. SPARTAN 4300(WP093) - 4300L/Hr
  2. SPARTAN 5500(WP094) - 5500L/Hr
  3. SPARTAN 6800(WP095) - 6800L/Hr
  4. SPARTAN 8000(WP096) - 8000L/Hr
  5. SPARTAN 10000(WP097) - 10000L/Hr
  6. SPARTAN 12000(WP098) - 12000L/Hr