AQUA ZONIC Amphibious Water Pump

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AMPHI is designed and built to provide reliable pumping performance.

The Inverter Technology reduces energy consumption making it suitable for all day use, giving energy savings of up to 70% while retaining strong and consistent water flow.

• Inverter Technology. Energy savings of up to 70% while maintaining strong flowrate.
• Intelligent Motor-Overheat Protection. Prevents the pump from overheating due to pump running without water, stalling of impeller and surge of electrical current.
• Tough Attrition-Resistant Impeller. Wear-resistant and provides better performance.
• Replaceable Impeller. Allows for easy replacement to maintain high performance level.
Models available: 
  1. Amphi 3500(WP066) - 3500L/Hr
  2. Amphi 5000(WP067) - 5000L/Hr
  3. Amphi 6500(WP068) - 6500L/Hr
  4. Amphi 8000(WP069) - 8000L/H
  5. Amphi 10000(WP070) - 10000L/H