AAPET Matatabi Sticks (Silvervine) (Cat Treats) - 10 Pieces / Pack

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AaPet Matatabi (Silvervine)

Furkids also can experience stress and anxiety like their Fur parents. We can help them by providing them with AaPet Matatabi to help boost their emotional and physical wellbeing. Matatabi is also known as Silvervine, which will put them in the euphoric state. It can relieve stress and anxiety, sharpen natural hunting skills and medicinal benefit. Gnawing regularly on the sticks can help clean their teeth and reduce plaque. Matatabi contains high level of vitamins and minerals.

Key Features:

  • Fresh Breath and clean teeth
  • Boost emotional and physical well being
  • High level of vitamins and minerals

Additional Information

  • Twice or thrice a week, 1 stick at a time
  • Peel off the outer layer to recover the function after using for some time
  • Individual packed with Gel
  • 10 Sticks per pack

Furkids are not just pet, they are family to us! 

We are committed to paw-picked only the Quality, Natural Products for Fur Parents to pamper their Furkids

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