Why Vitalis?

Why Vitalis?

Why Vitalis?

Why Vitalis?

What’s in our fish food? We just use high quality raw materials. They are also obtained from SUSTAINABLE sources. Our COMPLETE fish foods are lovingly manufactured from a variety of dietary components. These include: whole fish meal, seaweeds, spirulina, squid, shrimp and mussel. We know It’s what’s inside that counts. Don’t be tempted by bargain fish food. When you open the lid you know you have a premium product. Your fish will instinctively know too.
How are the Vitalis diets made?

How are the Vitalis diets made?

'We manufacture every single one of our products in-house. Even the machinery is designed by our own engineers, at our South Yorkshire factory. Every step of this process is managed by passionate people who want the very best for your fish, wherever they are. Our cold extrusion techniques preserve the nutrients in the ingredients to produce a pellet that is attractive to, and easily digested by fish.'
What’s in the range?

What’s in the range?

We designed large flakes to allow feeding versatility in community aquariums. These pellets are made in a wide range of sizes. You can buy our groundbreaking 1mm pellet up to our extra large 15mm pellet. These tend to be used for large public aquarium species. Grazers are designed specifically for grazing species. These remain in the aquarium for consumption throughout the day. SPS Coral Food is an unique micronized flake with a ultra small size from 100µm – 400µm. These pellets cleverly mimic the particulate matter consumed by coral species on the reef. Holiday Feeders are manufactured using our gel encapsulation techniques. This is important as it ensures your fish has environmental and nutritional enrichment while you are away. They last for up to one week.

What will Vitalis diets do for your fish?


Our ingredients’ high quality and the stable nature of our COMPLETE diets ensure your fish will benefit. Expect Enhanced vigour

  • Vibrant colour
  • Immune system support

Will Vitalis diets impact your aquarium?

Our low-leaching formulas produce diets that are highly stable in water. They are also easily digestible. This minimises accumulation of nutrients and significantly benefits your water quality. This will have the knock on effect of making your filtration system work less hard and more efficiently.

The Vitalis range has been designed to cater for a wide range of fish species. Our food fulfills many different nutritional requirements.

We manufacture the whole range in small, carefully controlled batches. This ensures production is individual so we can deliver the highest quality fish diets possible. There are feeds tailored for:

  • Tropical marine
  • Tropical freshwater
  • Cold freshwater fish
  • Anemones, corals and crustaceans.

You will find all aquarium inhabitants are catered for.

Our diets are tailored to meet your fish’s specific nutritional requirements. It doesn’t matter if they carnivorous, herbivorous or omnivorous we manufacture to suit them all. You can be reassured that by choosing the Vitalis diet suitable for your fish, they will be getting a complete, balanced and easily digestible diet. Not only will they enjoy it but you will enjoy your fish in their best physical condition.

We utilise unique machinery developed in-house by our technical team. They really know what they are doing and how essential top class nutrition is to fish. This skill and experience, combined with our unique formulas, make the Vitalis range special. Our team has a long history of industry, nutritional and scientific knowledge. Using this wealth of information and experience, we have developed specialist and community-species diets for a wide range of aquarium fish.

We are a member of, and work closely with, the Pet Food Manufacturers Association to promote high quality nutrition for your fish in line with E.U. regulations. We are also members of OATA and support their work to promote and protect the UK ornamental aquatic trade.



Credits: https://vitalisaquatic.uk/why-vitalis/

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