ZISS Bubble Moving Media Filter ZB-300F

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Model : ZB-300F Ziss Bubble Bio (Flow enhanced version : 2020 new product)



  • Each filter will treat a system up to 300 litres
  • 100Liter / hour air pump is sufficient to run each filter (not included)
  • Size: 26.0~27.7cm X 7.5cm (pipe can be prolonged)
  • Filter Volume : 600ml
  • Media : 300ml of new ZM-II included


    The Ziss Bubble Bio bubble moving media filter can be used for both Marine and Freshwater fish tanks up to 300 litres.

    Bubble Bio is an air powered fluidised bed filter, combined with ultra-small biological filter media. 


    • Excellent Biofiltration by direct oxygen supply
    • Stable filtration by self-cleaning filter media
    • Physical filtration by contained filter sponge
    • New improved Ziss moving media (ZM-II) included
    • Made of highest quality material in Korea

    Box Contains:

    • Ziss Air Valve (ZV-4)
    • 4 Suction cups for perfectly securing to the glass
    • New Ziss Media ( ZM-II) 300ml included
    • Integrated Air Diffuser
    • Filter Sponge