VITALIS Koi Pellet (6mm) 1kg


Vitalis Koi Pellets are a highly digestible, soft sinking pellet, which can be fed all year round. The high quality raw materials; including natural pigments and a unique blend of algae, will ensure enhanced growth, good body shape and exceptional colouration in your koi.

The quality ingredients in Vitalis Koi Pellets will attract your koi and make it easy to train them to hand feed. Spend a little time holding a palm full of pellets on a lightly clenched fist just below the water surface. Allow an odd pellet to fall out and sink encouraging the bolder fish to come forward. Once the fish realise where the food is coming from they will approach your hand and you can open your hand allowing them to feed. This may take a couple of days of patience but as soon as one fish starts to take food the others will follow suit

Available in three pellet sizes.

The smaller pellet sizes are ideal for growing on Tategoi, allowing them to achieve their full potential. Vitalis Koi Pellets are formulated to deliver superior growth rates, good body shape and enhanced natural colours.

Increase the amount you feed as the water temp rises, always being careful not to overfeed. The water temp and quality food will result in excellent growth rate through the summer season.

Consider when feeding:

Temp of water, at cooler times of the year reduce feeding quantities and frequency.

Never feed more than they will consume in 2 minutes, better to feed more frequently rather than bigger feeds.

Increase feeding and frequency in warmer weather to encourage growth when the fishes  metabolism is at peak performance.

M Pellet Size (Ø 6mm)


Features and Benefits
  • Specifically formulated for enhanced growth and colouration
  • Soft sinking pellet formulation
  • Natural ingredients
  • Less waste – improved water quality
  • Sustainably sourced ingredients

Fish and fish derivatives, derivatives of vegetable origin, algae, molluscs and crustaceans, oils and fats, minerals, vitamins.

Analytical Constituents

Protein 37%, Moisture 20.8%, Inorganic Matter 19.6%, Fat Content 9.4%, Crude Fibre 1%.


Technological additives: Antioxidants, preservatives. Sensory additives: Astaxanthin 67mg/kg. Nutritional additives: Vitamin A 15,000IU/kg, Vitamin D3 2,000IU/kg, Vitamin E 200mg/kg, Zinc sulphate monohydrate 417mg/kg, Manganous sulphate monohydrate 313mg/kg, Ferrous sulphate monohydrate 297mg/kg, Calcium iodate anhydrous 7.9mg/kg, Sodium molybdate 6.3mg/kg, Cupric sulphate pentahydrate 2.3mg/kg, Sodium selenite 0.2mg/kg.