NEPTUNE SYSTEMS PMUP (Practical Multipurpose Utility Pump)

  • The PMUP is a multi-purpose submersible pump that can be used for many different tasks on your aquarium. The most popular uses will be for:

    • Automatic Top-Off (ATO)
    • Carbon reactors
    • GFO reactors
    • Biopellet reactors
    • Many other salt or freshwater uses

    Auto-Top-Off (ATO)

    ATO will likely be the most popular use for this pump. The PMUP has enough pressure to push water up 14 feet vertically, it can even move the water up from one floor below.

    You could put your RO water storage in your basement or downstairs in a utility room and use the PMUP to pump it up to the tank.

    Vertically oriented design with a bottom intake and top output that is perfect for use in cylindrical compartments, jugs or other RO containers.

    Run your Reactors

    The PMUP is not just for ATO. It is also a great pump to use for running your various reactors bio-pellets, carbon, GFO, or even the two-stage combo unit from BRS you see here. The PMUP uses less than 20W of power so it is a very efficient way to run reactors and adds very little heat to your aquarium.


    The PMUP is a 24VDC submersible pump that was designed to directly connect to the DC24 accessory ports on either the 1Link module OR the same ports on the new Energy Bar 6. If you own the WAV powerheads or new Apex, then you have a place to plug in the PMUP. These ports are switchable and can power the pump on and off just like any other outlet on an Energy Bar.


    The PMUP has a smooth, 3/8-inch (9.5mm) output that will easily connect to silicon tubing or standard push-fit connectors


    The specifications of Neptune Systems PMUP Practical Multi-purpose Utility Pump:

    • Dimensions 4.58 inch x 2.24 inch
    • Output 100gph @ 0 feet
    • Max Head 14 feet
    • Power 17W


    • Apex (any model)
    • 1Link module or Energy Bar 832 with available DC24 accessory port