NEPTUNE SYSTEMS MPR (Magnetic Probe Rack)


The Neptune Systems MPR Magnetic Probe Rack lets you neatly organise up to 4 dosing tubes or probes in your aquarium setup.

The probe rack can be mounted securely on any vertical flat glass surface, thanks to the strong Neodymium magnetic mounting base. Additionally, magnets are much stronger than rubber suction cups, and will not stain the glass surface.

The magnetic mounting base is able to secure the entire MPR probe rack through up to 1/2-inch thick sumps.

If you have multiple dosing tubes or probes hanging around your aquarium, start organising them today with the Neptune Systems Magnetic Probe Rack.


  • Organizes up to four probes
  • Designed specifically for the Apex Controller probes
  • Built with an all acrylic weather and shatter resistant design
  • Secured with Neodymium magnets that will hold through up to 1/2-inch thick sumps