NEPTUNE SYSTEMS DOS Dosing and Fluid Metering System


The Neptune Systems DOS Dosing and Fluid Metering System is a reliable dosing and fluid delivery system designed to keep your aquarium in an optimum state. This is because it is capable of delivering the precise dosage at the exact time.

The system can be controlled through Apex Fusion software wizards and supports multi-purpose dosing applications such as:

  • 2-Part Dosing (Calcium and Alkalinity)
  • Other Additives Dosing
  • Automatic Water Changes
  • Micro-Quantity Dosing
  • Delivery of Liquid Foods and Supplements

Accurate 2-Part Dosing

There are two major considerations when it comes to choosing a dosing system. Firstly, consistency in dosage. Secondly, the ease of dosing of 2-part solutions (calcium and alkalinity) to their reef tanks.

The usual way of dosing is to use standalone dosing pumps and run them on a timer using seconds or minutes to determine how much to dose. However, this is both confusing and prone to inaccuracy.

With the DOS (and the Apex Fusion interface), you can define the dosage amount of each part of the additives (one on each pump), and set the hours of the day you want the dosage delivered.

The DOS system will therefore deliver the precise dosage at the exact time.

Water Changes Made Easy

Changing aquarium water is a chore. So most people never get done this done as often as they should. Water changes are also disruptive to the stability of your system, since water parameters may become drastically altered.

With the DOS, you simply use the Apex Fusion wizard to programme the amount of water you want to change over what length of time and the hours of the day you want the water change to take place, and the DOS will take care of the rest.

It will perform an automatic, continuous water change for you.

If you have our dual optical water sensing accessory, Apex Fusion will send you an email or text message letting you know it is time to change out the jugs.

Spend less time pumping, siphoning, and sloshing water and more time enjoying a great aquarium.


The specifications of Neptune Systems DOS Dosing and Fluid Metering System:

  • Size (Approx.): 9.5 inch x 5 inch x 5 inch
  • Weight (Approx.): 4 pounds
  • Lift Height: 24 feet (minimum at MSL)
  • Suction Height: 24 feet
  • Flow Rate: Variable (0.1ml 250ml/min)
  • Power Requirement: 110/120V or 220/240V
  • Requires: Apex, Apex Lite, or Apex Jr.