NEarth Regendip M Plus - 50ml


NEarth RegenDip F+

NEarth Singapore is pleased to announce our latest product line, RegenDip Plus, a dip that removes external parasites in fishes in less than ONE minute!* This breakthrough gives you more convenience and greatly minimizes the loss of your precious cargo!

NEarth RegenDip Plus M+ is for removing external parasites in Marine Fishes.

- Cryptocaryon irritans (saltwater ich)
- Amyloodinium ocellatum (velvet)
- Brooklynella hostilis
- Skin Ulcers
- Gill Diseases
- Other External Parasites



1. For use outside aquarium only. Prepare two containers/bucket depending on your fish size. Your fish must be able to swim freely and fully submerge in water.

2. Shake bottle well and add 10 drops(1ml) of RegenDip Plus to every litre of aquarium water to only ONE of the containers. Mix well.

3. Dip fish into solution and ensure fully submerged for 30 seconds. Use a fish net if possible.

4. Observe for any discomfort on fish like heavy breathing or signs of stress. If so, remove immediately.

5. Place fish into the second container with clean aquarium water for about 30 seconds to neutralize access solution.

6. Place fish back into aquarium or quarantine tank.


*For heavily infected fishes, it might take about (3) dips before parasites are fully removed. If so, dip fish at every (24) hours interval. Fish should be fully cleared of parasites.

Note: RegenDip Plus targets directly at the cells of parasites, causing the cell membranes to rupture, ridding the skin and gills of fishes of pests, including microscopic parasites not visible to our eyes.


RegenDip Plus DO NOT treat internal parasites, which require other form of treatments and/or products.