JBL TerraCoco Humus - 600g (Substrate for all types of terrariums)

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JBL TerraCoco Humus
Substrate for all types of terrariums

  • For all types of terrariums: natural substrate made of turf-like coconut humus.
  • From the fibrous outer husks of ripe coconuts.
  • Natural germ-inhibiting effect.
  • Reduces fungal infection.
  • Contents: substrate, TerraCoco, coconut chippings, compressed, turf-like


Suitable substrates for terrarium animals
To give the terrarium animals a home close to nature the terrarium needs to be designed close to the animals biotope. According to the requirements of the animals the size of the terrarium is crucial, together among other factors. The setting up depends on the right substrate, the adequate plants, the air circulation, the lighting and the temperature in the terrarium.