HAILEA Chiller HS-66A

  • Reliable & quiet chiller unit, suitable for indoor aquarium water control.
  • Economical solution-Hailea chiller costs less for the chillers at the same power.
  • Strong metal chassis to ensure the chiller to work quietly.
  • Digital LCD Control Display-easy to control the water temperature (3 Centigrade min.)
  • Contemporary housing does not look out of place in the surroundings.
  • Environmental-friendly refrigerant R134a
  • Titanium Heat Exchanger, suitable for fresh & marine water.
  • The chiller can be powered by a water pump or power filter

Hailea HS-66A
Power: 1/4HP
220~240V 50Hz
Working Current: 1.8A
Water Refrigerated: 100~800L
Iced Medium: R134a
Rate of Flow: 1000-2500L/H
Size: 435x295x470mm
Capacity: HS-66A can chill 300Litres of water from 28 Celsius degree to 18 Celsius degree after 20 hours continuous operation