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White feces

The foods of the string ray are fish and shrimp which we have fed every day.

Do you know that the fish or the shrimp that we feed every day have contained worm in side their body? Please do not panic? It is from natural, but it is very harmful to the string ray.

If the sting ray have contained a lot worm in the stomach it will causes the fish not healthy, not eat and important thing is when the fish have delivered baby, the fish is very skinny and may not eat for long.

Sometime the fish may die because of the worm.

There worm will have effect on the baby also. It makes the baby skinny and die.

This disease is the most serious problem in keeping string ray

How the heal

Aqua – clear for deforming and prevention of enteritis in carnivorous fish such as Arowana, Siamese tiger and ray. It is compose of anti-internal parasitic drug, vitamin and appetite stimuli.

Prevent enteritis in Arowana, Siamese tiger fish stingray other carnivorous fish.

It clears away a worm inside the fish directly.

It can be seen easily in string ray when they have a infection in stomach by see the feces of the fish.

Once the fish have a healthy condition, it will increase their appetite and productivity.

Indication: Spring water in to feed such as brine shrimp, shrimp meat, cricket or worm then mix powder into food as recommend before feeding, we recommended using twice in a month.

1 bottle for food 1 kilogram

1 capsule for food 35 grams

After the uses Aqua clear please make sure that water much be change in order to maintain good water condition because the fish will release the many waste.