*Aroids* Philodendron Sodiroi (L) #1203


Philodendron Sodiroi 

Actual plant. 

Philodendron sodiroi likes well-draining potting soil that is airy. They do best in temperatures between 55°- 80°F (13° – 27°C) and prefer a high air humidity above 60%. Water about once a week and fertilize every two weeks with either a liquid or slow-release fertilizer.

It has heart-shaped leaf blades that have silvery patches on the adaxial side. The adaxial side is the upper side of the leaf.

The leaves itself are shiny and glossy and the silver patterns make them completely unique. In addition, no leaf looks the same.

The underside of the leaf is called the abaxial side. This side of the Philodendron sodiroi leaf is a light green color. 

The midrib is a bright green and the leaf blades have lateral veins that run parallel to each other.

The cataphylls are bicolorous. A mix of green and red does best describe it.

It has a climbing habit and will appreciate any supporting pole for that matter.

The stems itself are bright green and the Sodiroi is said to branch readily.

The petioles, this is the section that connects the leaves with the stem, is green with a reddish hue. The petioles are rather short.

Red air roots are forming where the nodes are. High humidity will allow these roots to grow longer and attach to other trees and objects, whereas dry conditions will lead these air roots to dry out.

The roots system itself gets well established rather quick.

The Philodendron sodiroi is endemic to South America in countries such as Trinidad and Tobago, French Guyana, Guyana, Surinam and from Venezuela to Brazil according to the University of Connecticut.


Biggest leaf : 15cm


Care Tips:

Light: Bright, indirect sunlight

Water: let the plant dry out between waterings

Humidity: above average

Soil: well draining mix