It's important to pay attention to your cat's diet and physical health so that your cat can live a long and healthy life.
Our Kenko-Can(Healthy Can) series has products that are suitable for cats of all ages and physical conditions.
Using kenko-can will surely benefit your cat's health.


  • Special formulation for supporting Kitten's growth
  • supporting growth of Kitten's skeleton
  • supporting growth of Kitten's brain function
  • Promotes healthy intestines
  • Complete food


Kitten - Tuna Paste (AXKCK4)

Kitten - Skipjack Tuna Paste (AXKCK5)

Kitten - Chicken Fillet & Tuna Paste (AXKCK6)

>15yrs - Tuna Paste (AXKCG4)

>15yrs - Skipjack Tuna Paste (AXKCG5)

>15yrs - Chicken Fillet & Tuna Paste (AXKCG6)